Guardian Home 

Every now and then, we will get a puppy that we would like to keep in our breeding program if everything clears and turns out with him or her. What that means as a breeder is we choose a first pick due to many factors of the pup to keep our breeding program going with a prime specimen.

It is really whatever 2 people agree on. The pro’s for me is that it keeps us in the loop with the dogs progress and it gives us access to pedigree’s we don’t want to lose.

We are a wife, husband team, with 3 kids, 3 dogs and a cat living under our roof. That is what we feel we can do well – feeding, vetting, exercising, etc. We just simply can’t keep all the ones we want at our house, though we wish we could!

A guardian home owner of a female dog needs to live within and hour and a half from our address and be willing to meet on a semi-regular bases for doggy play dates. A guardian home for a male needs to live by a reproductive vet for when he needs to be collected Our female dogs must know and respect each other. I would need to have your dog at our house once in a while so they know us and our home. Whether doggy daycare for a few hours or a short weekend stay – its really what we agree upon.

If it all goes well and we breed your dog – she stays with you during her pregnancy and that would come to our house to have her puppies. At 3-4 weeks, you are then welcome to come and visit. When the puppies are 5 weeks old your girl gets to go home to you and your family! A great experience for all!

The cons for you to think about are that females come in season at about 10 months and then every six months after that. It doesn’t bother most people but something for you to think about. Also, I will have her for approx. 5 weeks once she has the puppies. She will be bred on her second heat of if I feel she is still a great candidate for our program.

If your dog does stay in the program, she will be bred up to 3 times, after that you will need to get her spayed and the guardian program is done and she is your forever pet. At that point, if she has more than 3 puppies, you get your purchase price of the puppy back or a puppy back. I don’t want this to be a motivating factor but it bears mentioning

At any point we don’t think she is turning out to be what we wanted, we will let you know, you will spay her, and at that point the guardian home contract is over.

Financially, you are responsible for all of her regular care, food ,vetting, daycare, kenneling , exercise etc. I am responsible for all things breeding related.

Its not for everyone but if you are interested let me know on your application and we’ll chat!

Guardian Home contract

Gemstone Bulldogges

Alli Boumeester (Seller)


Purchase Price: $

Deposit $

Final Balance $

A NON-REFUNDABLE reservation of $350 is required for reserving said dog until 8 weeks of age. The amount to be applied toward purchase price of said dog.                                                                                               

  1. Breeder Gemstone Bulldogges has sold Buyer(s) a guardian home dog, here after referred to as Puppy May NOT be altered at any time without permission of the breeder. The breeder Gemstone Bulldogges will retain the registration papers with the breeder and Buyer(s) name on the registration for the remainder of said contract. Breeders Kennel name Gemstone Bulldogges will be on the prefix of the registration and each puppy out of the litter or litters on full registration, shall be registered under the prefix kennel name Gemstone Bulldogges.


  1. All breeding expenses are breeders Gemstone Bulldogges responsibility and ALL pet expenses are buyers responsibility.
  2. The Buyer(s) agrees to keep Puppy confined from traffic and properly sheltered, with adequate food and water, give love and attention, and provide regular veterinary care. The Buyer(s) has 72 hours from receipt of Puppy to have Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian at the Buyer(s) expense. Your new pup has been vet checked, 1st shots given, microchipped & wormed.. You have received a dated Pet health record of these treatments to take to your vet of choice. Take this record & your puppy to the vet within 72 hours or at next vaccinations to establish and to receive instructions on your continuing care and a vaccination schedule. It is your responsibility to continue the steps to maintain the health of your puppy. If a health problem is detected by the veterinarian, the Buyer(s) may return Puppy at the Buyer(s) expense for a full refund of purchase price or exchange Puppy for another Puppy of equal value. The Buyer(s) agrees to provide a signed statement from the examining licensed veterinarian detailing the health problem.


After the 72 hours no monies will be refundable to the Buyer(s) and Buyer(s)will have to wait for a replacement puppy from the next available litter.  The breeder Gemstone Bulldogges reserves the right to have Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of the breeder’s choice, at breeder’s expense, for a second opinion of the condition. Puppy is believed to be free and clear of any congenital defects and is in good health to the best of our knowledge. Your puppy is guaranteed from any Genetic Defects and if you feed the Pawtree food recommended, puppy is under our two year health contract. Failure to provide veterinary care will result in voiding of any warranties on said Puppy.                                                 


  1. If the Buyer(s) is ever charged or convicted of animal abuse or cruelty by any state, local or federal agency, the Buyer(s) forfeits all rights to Puppy and will immediately remand custody of said Puppy to the breeder Gemstone Bulldogges. Buyer(s) will not receive any refund of monies paid to the breeder Gemstone Bulldogges.    


  1. If, for any reason, the Buyer(s) can no longer keep Puppy, The Buyer(s) guarantees the breeder Gemstone Bulldogges the first right of refusal..  Under no circumstances is this Puppy to be transferred to another owner without notification to the breeder Gemstone Bulldogges. If unable to care for Puppy at any time during Puppy’s life, the Buyer(s) agrees to forfeit Puppy to the breeder and any registration will be signed over to Breeder Gemstone Bulldogges.


  1. The Buyer(s) has a lifetime support from the breeder Gemstone Bulldogges.                                      


  1. No provision in this contract may be amended without the written approval of both the breeder Gemstone Bulldogges and the Buyer(s).          
  2. At the time breeder Gemstone Bulldogges decides dog is un-breedable or after no more than dog having 3 litters said dog MUST be spade at buyers expense.


Failure by Purchaser to comply with any of the above conditions will result in the payment of $5000.00 (Five thousand dollars) plus any and all related attorney and collection cost by the purchaser to the breeder Gemstone Bulldogges.   This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state in which Gemstone Bulldogges resides. 


I have read each line of this contract and understand what I have read (           ) Initials of Buyer(s)


Gemstone Bulldogges and Buyer(s) agree to the terms set above by their signature(s) below:



Buyer(s) Name/Address:



Buyer(s) Signature:




Gemstone Bulldogges Name:



Breeder Signature: