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  1. My sister, Alli, has been in love with dogs all her life. When she was little, if we couldn’t find her, the first place I’d look was in the dog kennel. She’d fall asleep with her furry friends in their warm hut. There was a trust between them – a special companionship.

    When she discovered the Olde English Bulldogge breed, a new infatuation sprung up in her heart. First and always, there was Bella. I think Alli and Bella were meant to be together. Bella was Alli’s shadow and kindred spirit. Her soul mate, with a swagger and wagging tail.

    Bella was beautiful, smart, loyal, and a faithful protector of Alli and then Lola, the second OEB to join their family. Lola is the true underdog – happy to be at the bottom of the pack – only wanting belly rubs and to be near her people.

    Alli and her husband, Matt, called Bella “Mama.” And even though Bella never had a litter of her own, she was the catalyst that sent Alli on her venture to begin Gemstone Bulldogges.

    After helping Bella and Lola through multiple health problems, and then watching Bella fade away from lymphoma, Alli made a promise to Bella’s precious spirit that she would work to make the breed healthy again. This mission started with Jemma, whom we accidentally call Bella all the time. Jemma is like Bella reincarnate because good dogs never really leave us.

    Jemma is the first in line of Alli’s Gemstone Bulldogges, which grew from love, sorrow, and a promise to a forever friend.

    From Jemma’s first litter born last August, we added Oliver to our family. A miracle puppy born unbreathing, brought to life by my sister and her sheer dedication to her dogs. But maybe sent to us by Bella.

    Ollie – named Onyx as his gemstone – is our treasure. We are better because of them – our dogs. They bring out the best in us through their unwavering friendship, humor, and empathy.

    Alli is a wonderful person, but I have seen her shine brighter because of her creation of Gemstone. And I’m grateful and proud of my sister for her drive, tenacity, research, and care to make her favorite breed better.

  2. Thank you so much Amber. It was a pleasure working with your family too!! Thanks for continuing to share Axl as he grows up!

  3. Gemstone Bulldogges is amazing! the process has been seamless and fun from the time of application to receiving our puppy. They ensured that all our questions were answered and went above and beyond our expectations. We were kept updated through the time they were in their care and were provided needed information about our puppy and our puppy recieved top quality care. We are so happy we went with Gemstone Bulldogges to get our wonderful puppy Axl! In conclusion I can not say enough how wonderful Gemstone Bulldogges is and would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a new addition to their family!

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