[We have switched our doggy diets to Paw Tree. We’ve been in search of an all natural diet that can be applied for all life stages for a while and these guys have an awesome selection. This is the closest to raw feeding I could find. Our dogs no longer have to eat the SAME tasting food day in and day out. Not to mention- this stuff is HEALTHY and NATURAL. We are so excited to incorporate the Paw Tree diet into our breeding program. ]

Why does Gemstone Bulldogges feed pawTree? Here are the many reasons:

-PawTree provides a variety of protein sources.

-Pawtree takes the guess work out & has problem solving supplements.

-PawTree offers a Pet Profile, which determines what foods and products work best with your pet.

-EZ ship allows you to save money and come at the intervals that you set up.

-Can change your EZ ship date as often as needed.

-Customer service is knowledgeable and accessible.

-Food is shipped right to your doorstep.

-Food is made to order so it’s not sitting in a warehouse for weeks/months.

-Food is nutrient dense, NO fillers, resulting in less waste in your yard.

-Food arrives in 10 lb bags regardless of the size ordered, so they are easy to handle.

–Food arrives vacumme-sealed along with a zip lock to close the bag.

-Food provides shiny coats, eliminates dandruff that some dogs encounter and hair loss that momma dogs experience during the weeks they nurse.

-Breeders have confirmed healthier and larger litters and momma dog no longer blows her coat.